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Our storyteller

Gigi Guadagnucci. I blew to the marble

We have talked about our museum with Elisabetta Salvatori: 

“I’d like to tell Gigi Guadagnucci’s story from his birth in Massa after the beginning of the Great War up to his death, not long before the opening of the museum which his hometown was dedicating to him. 

A life spanning almost a century. Eventful, meaningful. 

His childhood, the land of marble, the Second World War, the Resistance, Paris, his relations with artists, his  exhibitions, his success, his women, his friends, his loved ones, and his return to Massa after having travelled the world: the completion of a circle.   

But I’d also like to talk about his artist’s hands, his arms and the white powder he had on his face as he sculpted; his ability to grow old without losing the freshness and boldness of youth”.  

Elisabetta Salvatori, actress and writer –


mer e gio 10.00 – 13.00
ven, sab, dom 16.00 – 19.00
chiuso lun, mar e Festa della Repubblica


Ingresso libero


Museo Gigi Guadagnucci
Villa Rinchiostra
Via dell'Acqua, 175
54100 Massa

+39 0585 049757 | +39 0585 490204